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  Sunday 27th March

Ansett went out of business in 2002 and I suspect that is when this jacket was last washed.

For leaving a trail of body odour behind you, I fine you $1.11

  Saturday 21st May

This man was in the supermarket ready for a fight if anyone question his clothes sense.

The combination of that helmet, that scarf and that shirt results in a fine of $0.52

  Sunday 22nd May

So if you put your finger up your nose and blow, then your hair explodes?

Regardless, I don't need to see you go bogey mining and therefore I fine you $1.00

  Thursday 2nd June

On the way to work, this man was going through Tinder (or a site like that) and kept sniggering as he swiped.

I don't know whether the sniggers were when he liked or didn't like the girl, but it was creepy either way.

A fine of $3.12 for being scary.

  Monday 6th June

The good people at Coco Fix must have known that when the door was opened, it would spell "Cock".

I like it, but feel that a fine is required, so I fine them $0.02, but I'll pay the fine for them.

  Saturday 11th June

I have a standard "bad hair" fine of $1.25 - sometimes it feels too little.

For this mullet, I fine him $1.25, his family $1.25 and his friends $1.25 - it is bad enough that he thinks that his hair is acceptable, but why aren't the others putting him right about that?

  Tuesday 21st June

You can't advertise that you are serving babies on a menu - it's just not right.

On top of that, you can't go pickling them.

A baby fine of $0.48

  Thursday 11th August

If you want to come to the show, then that is fine. But don't sit in front of me when there is no need to - plenty of empty seats. And don't get that big for everyone's sake.

I have no idea what the show was like because I couldn't see it. For that, you knob, I fine you $2.11

  Friday 28th October

Whilst waiting in an airport I came across this chap.

There is nothing wrong in liking Jeremy Clarkson, but to dress like him and have your haircut the same is odd for a grown man.

For that I fine you $1.04

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