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  Sunday 2nd September

This girl tells stories where she leaves in all the dull bits EG:

He said that he was a film producer. I said "really?". He said "yes"

Just the first sentence was required so I fine you $2.19 for the two irrelevant sentences.

  Tuesday 4th September

Listening to the radio, when asked how big something was, the answer came back that it was the size of a small fist.

What? What the hell type of answer is that?

Using that sort of thinking, when asked how tall I am, my answer is now "as tall as a big rabbit".

A $4.68 fine for .... well, just because.

  Sunday 9th September

Stopped by a little cafe earlier and to make a note of the place I asked if they had a card.

The answer back was, "No - we only have memories".

That reminded me that the same waiter had used the same line when I was last there 2 years ago.

So a good line, but a $2 fine - that is $1 for each year that has passed without him thinking up a new line.

  Thursday 13th September

These 3 knobs were in the same cafe as me and they think that they are so great that their volume seems designed to give everyone else a share of their personalities.

So now everyone can hear that they are twats who I am fining $6 each.

  Friday 21st September

I'm all for people losing weight, but seeing this last night makes me say that when your knees become fatter than your legs, then you should start eating doughnuts again.

I only fine her 5 cents as she should be using her money on buying more grub.

  Sunday 23rd September

Um .... this isn't a hat - not that it would make it any better - $1.25 fine

  Friday 28th September

This troll is continually slurping at her empty drink - shut the hell up and pay the $2.21 fine you cretin - enough already.

And she just got off the tram and left her drink - add $24.74 to the fine poo-head

  Sun 30th September

To Alison Starr who I haven't spoken to in years ..... for making a comment because your team (Sydney) beat my team (Hawthorn), I fine you three bad attacks of flatulence to occur at the most inappropriate of times.

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