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  Wednesday 1st August

I'm on a course today.

To the techie chap who is trying to sound non-techie.

It's failing mate - you sound like a wanker. $3.87 fine.

  Saturday 4th August

To the chap in this car, for walking behind the car as I tried to reverse into a spot and then opening your car door so I couldn't reverse in and then leaving the door open for longer than necessary, I hate you and fine you $7.16.

  Wednesday 15th August

70 tram heading to Richmond.

Hey tram driver - there is a speed limit - any chance that you can reach it?

My frustration means a $4 fine for you, knobhead.

  Tuesday 21st August

To the man in the Subways on Bourke Street, Docklands .....

I also have a) a finger and b) a nose, but I don't sit in the window with a) inserted so far up b) that your brain is in danger of being scratched. Maybe he was looking for "real fruit pieces"?

Regardless, for that sight, I fine you $4.95

  Tuesday 28th August

Oh my! I work in a building that contains the type of person that results in there being a need for signs like this.

Please do not stand on the toilet seat. This is unhygienic, unsafe, and causes the seats to break

I suppose they shouldn't trail their knuckles on the ground as they skunk about the place either.

A $6.12 fine to each of them.

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