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  Thursday 1st November

Stopped by a chap who asked me the time.

"5:20" I replied.

"Is that Eastern Daylight Time?".

What else would it be, you dick? 12 cent fine.

  Wednesday 7th November

Getting into the lift:

"Hi Michael, how are you?".
"Good thanks, how are you?".
"Yeah, good. How are you?".


I'm sure that I've had this deja vu feeling about a vocal loop before. $1 fine. $1 fine. Huh?

  Thursday 15th November

I sat next to this cold-hearted chump at Archie Roach's CD launch.

It was one of the most impressive shows you could witness and he could barely bring himeself to clap.

Why come along then knob-head?

$15.00 fine - if you can't feel anything, then maybe your wallet can feel lighter now.

  Sunday 18th November

In the queue at a fruit shop, a new register opened and they asked me to go to it.

Off I went only for this mole to push in front of me.

I sarcastically said "After you" and she stuck her nose up and ignored me.

That'll cost you $7.96 you troll.

  Thursday 22nd November

On my scooter, I came up behind this car at a junction. We were both waiting to turn right.

I moved to the far right of the lane and thought about going alongside the car. The driver had his window open and I noticed his hand was shaking a lot on the steering wheel so I decided to stay back.

When a gap in the traffic arrived he put his foot down but was in reverse and shot backwards into the space I had just vacated. Phew.

He then put it in the right gear and moved forwards and turned right without checking whether there was still a gap - another close call but the other car noticed what he was doing and slowed down.

I saw the car turn into a carpark so I did the same and took the photo.

The driver was very old and didn't move easily - but he has lived longer than his driving seemed to indicate that he would.

Regardless, it's a fine of $3.52.

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