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  Sunday 5th February

This girl is having the loudest FaceTime chat with somebody - whilst in a relatively quiet cafe - and she's talking such inane drivel too

I fine the troll $2.47

  Sunday 2nd April

Is it possible to a: have shoes that shouldn't exist (click to see them) and b: be wearing too many colours?

My fine of $0.49 says yes and yes

  Tuesday 25th April

I have been reading so many time travel books, my new powers allowed me to transfer the shoppers in my local supermarket back to the 1980s.

I kinda like the look and he carries it off, but I feel that I need to fine him $0.01 for confusing me

  Thursday 27th April

When on a tram and you're enjoying your music, here's some advice - STOP BLOODY WHISTLING!

That is a fine of $3.13 - harsh but warranted

  Friday 5th May

Yes, there was a man on my tram with a colander on his head - a nice snug fit too. Now I'm tempted to get my own, but I don't think that they make them in my size.

I feel that for Health & Safety reasons, I need to fine him $0.20


Wednesday 10th May

I have a standard "bad hair" fine of $1.25 - sometimes it feels too little.

For this rat's tail on a grown man who should know better, the fine is justified. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Thursday 11th May

Little Bo Peep has lost her marbles.

You can't wander through the city looking like that. It will scare the children into thinking that all the stories read to them might be real. A bad lesson that will cost you $0.67

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