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  Sunday 5th February

Shop, Forrest, shop! Of all the people to want to look like, you choose this?

I fine you $0.12 for a lack of imagination.

  Sunday 2nd April

You go to work and think that it's too hot for shoes so you'll wear sandals with no socks? Not on my watch, sonny Jim.

That error of judgement will cost you $1.29

  Tuesday 25th April

I think that people should be free to dress and look however they wish to, but sometimes, a warning would prevent shocking folk.

Just a $0.42 fine - small but necessary

  Thursday 27th April

Having fined somebody for a suit and no socks, I have to fine this blatant example of white socks. Intollerable.

You receive the standard sandal fine of $1.29

  Friday 5th May

I was happy to be at a Queen gig and this knob in front of me watched and reacted to a whole game of soccer and kept standing up and shouting at the screen.

For distracting me during such a great show, I fine you $6.94

  Monday 30th July

I was happy to be at getting the train from Amsterdam, via Brussells, to London and then this.

For head-butting my arm for 20 minutes, I fine this snoring space invader €1.47

  Tuesday 4th September

I am going to forgive him the shocking ear accessories.

Just a standard ‘bad hair’ fine of $1.25 - he should know better at his age.

  Sunday 23rd September

Bloody hell Coles - it’s only September!

For pushing Christmas so early, I fine you a seasonal $1.17

  Saturday 13th October

Back in the day, skinheads were around spreading hate and racism and inflicting violence all over the place. Hateful.

I hope this is a one-off and not a trend.

For choosing this look, I fine him $174 and that is being lenient.

  Saturday 17th November

I have got used to some visitors walking around with face masks on to protect themselves from germs, but to pull the mask down to smoke a cigarette seems a bit counter-productive.

I fine this woman $0.87 for her weird decision making.