I have seen a number of people taking part in the 100 Days of Happiness challenge that they've used Instagram to manage.

I like the idea of ensuring that you look at each day with the lens of appreciating at least one positive event.

So as is my way, instead of joining the 100 Days party, I am doing a version myself that I share with my Facebook friends as well as logging in this website.

So here it goes .......


  Day 1 (Sat 3rd May, 2014)

This day founds me at the MCG to see my team (Hawthorn) play against St Kilda. I did attend a previous game this season but that was to catch up with mates whose teams were playing i.e. John (Carlton) and Matt (Richmond). But this day was to see my boys and I shared the experience with my mate Trudi.

For the record, Hawthorn spanked St Kilda by 175 to 30.

  Day 2 (Sun 4th May)

Awoke to the news that my team, Leicester City, not only finished the season as champions (and will therefore be playing in the Premiership next season), but they also won their 31st game (drawing 9 and losing only 6) so they end with 102 points, which is fantastic.

Added to that, my AFL team, Hawthorn, are top of the ladder too.

  Day 3 (Mon 5th May)

Returning after four weeks off work, it's nice to be catching up with some fine folk - you know who you are.

I have chosen a desk with the view as shown.

Work is a place where I spend a lot of time, so it's good that I like quite a few folk there - it keeps it in perspective.

  Day 4 (Tue 6th May)

Having finished 'What Not To Do and How To Do It' (by the very talented and funny Danny Wallace), it felt good to leave it in a cafe.

I usually leave completed books in cafes - it is good having no idea who may pick it up and what it's journey might be.

Some people may see it as a sign and therefore they read the book to see what the message might be. You never know.

It is my gift to the community.

  Day 5 (Wed 7th May)

Love catching up with good friends for conversation, laughter, story-telling plus good food.

So thank-you Sharon - as ever it was a pleasure and most entertaining.

Thinking about it, we've been sharing these catch-ups for ten years now - where does the time go?

  Day 6 (Thu 8th May)

It's a good day when it includes spending time with my mate Deanne.

We met a few years back when we worked together but she has since moved on to fresher pastures.

We always have plenty to talk about and she makes me laugh - and not just because of her hair.

  Day 7 (Fri 9th May)

I was listening to my 18 Jools Holland albums on random earlier and had a fine old toe-tap to one of my favourites - It'll Be Me which has Tom Jones doing the vocals. I had to listen to it 3 times because I like it so much.

If I could have any musical talent, it would be to be able to play the piano like Jools - a clear hero of mine. I have seen him several times and have loved it each time - he is incredible and plays boogie woogie like no other.

So for the years of pleasure he's given me and the great afternoon of being entertained by him, I am defining him as the happiness of my day.

  Day 8 (Sat 10th May)

To celebrate Bob Dylan's birthday, a gig at the Caravan Club featuring a lot of local talent performing Dylan songs - what a great idea.

The various acts were supported by a band of Bruce Haymes (keyboards), Ross Hannaford and Shane Howard (guitar), Peter Luscombe (drums) and Steve Hadley (bass). Performers were Chris Wilson, Charles Jenkins, Lisa Miller, Suzannah Espie, Mick Thomas, Harry Hookey, James Griffin, Gallie, Rebecca Barnard and Shane O’Mara.

  Day 9 (Sun 11th May)

As the weekend comes to an end, I wandered up to the roof to breath in a few clear, deep breaths.

As always, it generates an appreciative sigh - what a great view over the Albert Park lake towards the city and what a lovely evening.

I hope that I always enjoy such views and not start to take it for granted.

Having said that, it's been 5 years and I still feel it.

  Day 10 (Mon 12th May)

Good to catch up with friends Matt and Sarah - there is always plenty of laughing which is delightful.

And one of these two has a baby inside them, but they won't tell me which one of them it is.

I first met Matt when he was working in the UK in 1995 - he is a friend of Murat's and Murat and I were working together back then. It all feels so long ago now.

  Day 11 (Tue 13th May)

An early dinner with my mate Yvette down next to the river. Yvette and I worked together until she left a while back, but we still work near each other.

Tales to tell, gossip to share and food to be eaten.

It's always an enjoyable time when we get together and something I look forward to.

  Day 12 (Wed 14th May)

My mate Julie left today for a job elsewhere.

I'll miss catching up with her for coffee, telling tales and sharing news.

But it's wonderful that she has earned herself such a great opportunity - she deserves it and I'm really happy for her.

  Day 13 (Thu 15th May)

Well, well, well - 5 years today - who would have thunk it?

It's a long list of things that we've done and places that we've been - and we're not slowing down as there is still plenty more to be done.

So today is a thank you to Carolyn for the 5 years.

And also for bringing Luigi along for the ride.

  Day 14 (Fri 16th May)

As always, it's great catching up with my mate and colleague of 7 years for a chat, debrief and laugh.

Tonia - you're one of the good ones.

I have colleagues and friends but really appreciate it when it moves from one to the other.

  Day 15 (Sat 17th May)

Step 1: Back from guitar shop with a crisp lovely guitar with virgin strings that are yearning to be played. And it's mine.

Step 2: Decide on a song.

Step 3: Learn to play said song.

This is going to be a pleasure for all but those that hear me.

  Day 16 (Sun 18th May)

Lovely to catch up with Robyn today.

She used to be Carolyn's sister-in-law and is the mother of two of Carolyn's nieces.

Robyn now lives in Colarado and we stayed with her last year when travelling in the US. She's over here for a couple of weeks and it was great to see her.

  Day 17 (Mon 19th May)

A pleasure to catch up with long time chum, Heather.

We first worked together 10 years ago and have caught up regularly since.

We've each had adventures that we've shared and there is always much laughter.

It's nice that we still work in the same building and that coffee is not far away.

  Day 18 (Tue 20th May)

Pub quiz! Excellent.

A new pub and all but one of my team are new people to me. (Bec, Nicolle, Tony, Stephen, Mary and James).

All I need is for there to be one question that nobody else knows the answer to and I'll feel validated.

Come on brain - work your magic.

  Day 19 (Wed 21st May)

Popped over to see Lisa (and Katie) for a coffee and a natter.

We've been friends for about 12 years and it's always entertaining when we catch up and we cover a broad range of topics and laugh a lot.

Lisa is an interesting person with a great curiosity for life - she reads a lot and follows her instincts as she delves into what takes her fancy.

It's always enjoyable to hear about her tales and adventures.

  Day 20 (Thu 22nd May)

A good catchup with friend of 9 years, Karin.

We met when I was getting residency to Australia - she worked for the immigration lawyer that I used.

Over the years we have been to some great events and music and it's always good catching up and chewing over this and that.

There's never silence when we meet - and always a laugh.

  Day 21 (Fri 23rd May)

I saw a man on the tram wearing a Dutch Tilders t-shirt.

Dutch was great blues man and I created and maintained his website for the 6 years up until his death in 2011.

I have happy memories of the man and of his gigs.

I hadn't thought of the old bugger for a while, so it's a good thing to do it now.

  Day 22 (Sat 24th May)

It's always a good night when it contains a Casey Donovan gig.

Her voice just blows me away. It's an incredible instrument.

Her cover versions of songs are often better than the originals and she writes a good song herself.

She is a star but she should be a bigger star.

  Day 23 (Sun 25th May)

After we'd had good morning walk, it was nice to have a bit of a rest before getting on with the day.

Luigi is good company and has a great way about him, but sometimes, what he needs most, is somebody to be a comfortable bed for him.

Happy to oblige.

  Day 24 (Mon 26th May)

Over the weekend, my nephew (and wife, Aimee) bought their first dog - called Lady.

It takes me back to thinking about my first dog - the wonderful Rosie. She was truly lovely dog that we got from the RSPCA in 1974.

She was my first love and we had many happy years together.

Thinking about her today makes me very happy indeed.

  Day 25 (Tue 27th May)

This evening, I am seeing one of my favourite bands - The Waifs.

I have seen them many times and always walk away very happy and satisfied - always.

They rarely perform nowadays as the three members all live in different places - so I grab any opportunity that comes my way.

They are special and it's a delight to see them.

  Day 26 (Wed 28th May)

Great catching up with old mate, Frank.

I met him at the first place I worked when I arrived in Australia back in 1998 - we worked in different areas, but they overlapped.

We don't see each other too often, but we stay in touch and when we do meet up, there's many tales to tell.

He is a top bloke and it's a good day when we meet.

  Day 27 (Thu 29th May)

A nice coffee catchup with my mate Chris.

Chris gave me my last two roles (2007 and 2008) - the first of them working directly for her.

Though we no longer work together, we stay in touch and it's lovely spending time with her and sharing tales.

She's one of the good ones.

  Day 28 (Fri 30th May)

A day off work - tick
Sunshine - tick
Healesville Sanctuary - tick
Bob the wombat - tick

So I had all the ingredients for a great experience and it turned out to be just that - 15 minutes playing with a wombat - excellent stuff - I couldn't stop smiling.

  Day 29 (Sat 31st May)

Volunteered at the Long Walk event at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

This is the 10th year of the event and 10 years since Michael Long walked to Canberra to talk about Aboriginal rights. It coincides with the AFL indigenous round and is a great tribute to the roots of this country.

It was a great event to be at - good people, live music and a real celebration.

  Day 30 (Sun 1st June)

Just been watching a new episode of QI.

I have seen a show recorded live and have seen all episodes from TV - many of them more than once.

I can say with confidence that QI is my all-time favourite program.

It has introduced me to new talent, it has informed me of some weird and wonderful information and it has made me laugh often.

  Day 31 (Mon 2nd June)

A lovely evening with lovely people.

The friends in question contain somebody that I met the week after arriving on these shores in 1998 and another that I lived with for a few months back in 2002.

Good conversation, tales shared, stories related and much laughter.

What more could you ask for?

  Day 32 (Tue 3rd June)

Caught up with Francine - another friend from when I arrived in Australia.

I discovered the wonder of Melbourne in her company and we experienced some fantastic music, venues, cafés and restaurants.

I also spent a lot of time with her siblings and had many laughs with all.

We live near each other, so it's easy to catch up and always a pleasure to do so.

  Day 33 (Wed 4th June)

Starting a few days off work and I don't have any definite plans. But ....

Blank pages to fill.
People to meet.
Food to be eaten.
Books to read.
Conversations to be had.
Music to be heard.
Walks to be taken.

  Day 34 (Thu 5th June)

A dinner catch up with Ruth.

We met back in 2008 and have caught up every two or three months since then.

She always has stories to tell and things to laugh about.

Because there are biggish gaps between our catchups, there is always a lot to talk about. It was fun

  Day 35 (Fri 6th June)

A lovely brunch catchup with long-time friend, Loretta.

She is generous with her time and commitment to life and makes a positive difference in the world.

And funny too - always.

A pleasure to see her.

  Day 36 (Sat 7th June)

Looking at dates, I see that next week (on the 9th) marks the 57th anniversary of when my parents got married, in Leicester, England.

I have looked through old photos and found this one where they are with my mother's parents and her brother. Though my father died back in 2005, that doesn’t stop it being the wedding anniversary.

I love looking through old photos (even those that represent a time when I didn't exist) - so many stories and memories - I love it.

  Day 37 (Sun 8th June)

Escape to the country.

Decided to drive to Wilson's Promontory to walk around and enjoy some coastline views.

It's always a pleasure to go somewhere different and breath in some fresh air.

Delightful area and a good day.

  Day 38 (Mon 9th June)

A catchup with Nadine, Steph and Zoe.

I've known Steph since 2008 and we've caught up many times over the years.

A talented artist and a damn generous and good egg - we have eaten, talked and laughed a lot - and in many places.

Nadine and Zoe are lovely friends of Steph and also great company.

  Day 39 (Tue 10th June)

A quick but enjoyable catch-up with Karen.

We worked together back in 2005 and make sure that we stay in touch and share a meal together every now and then.

She's always been very entertaining and laughs at herself as much as everything else.

It's always a good day when we've caught up.

  Day 40 (Wed 11th June)

Another lovely catch-up with Af.

We work in the same team but she decided that, rather than have coffee with me everyday, she'd have Oliver instead. A very selfish decision in my opinion, but it seems to working out well for her.

Luckily my flexible work conditions mean that we can still find the time to gossip, chatter and laugh at different locations. She is a great person and makes a great mother - I love seeing how happy she is.

  Day 41 (Thu 12th June)

A chance encounter in 2008 was the start of my friendship with Georgina.

We bumped into each other on Brunswick Street, got chatting and hit it off.

Over the years, she has had to deal with plenty, but has the strength and attitude to keep her head up and still enjoy her world.

She laughs easily and is fun to be with.

  Day 42 (Fri 13th June)

I have seen C W Stoneking on many occasions over the years.

He is a hugely talented bluesman as well as a very entertaining man.

This is the first time I've seen him since he left Australia back in 2012.

He's still a pleasure and a talent. And funny on top of that.

Look forward to seeing him again some day.

  Day 43 (Sat 14th June)

Already enjoying the World Cup, though I don't have any big hopes for Australia.

But I always think that England could do something - they'll have to one day.

Pondering my mind's archives, I still enjoy memories of 1990 and watching games at my place with good friends.

And here we go again - bring it on!

  Day 44 (Sun 15th June)

Any day that includes a catch-up with Jo (on the right) is going to be a good one.

I worked for her back in 2004 and we became instant friends.

She is great fun and has a great appetite and attitude for life.

Her partner Kelly has a wonderful enthusiasm for everything and being friends with her is the icing on the Jo cake.

  Day 45 (Mon 16th June)

Great to catch up with Bec for a coffee.

We've been mates for 8 years now.

We've eaten, drunk, been to gigs and been to the footy together.

We've even lived in the same building.

Her company is always welcome and a great pleasure.

  Day 46 (Tue 17th June)

Catchup with my lovely friend of 16 years, Loraine.

She lived downstairs from where I stayed upon arriving in Australia and came to my rescue upon me discovering a huge spider - scared the bejeezus out of me.

Over the years we ensure that we stay in touch and each catchup is a pleasure as she is such good company - she's one of the good ones.

  Day 47 (Wed 18th June)

It is great catching up with Georgie (and her hubby, Kyle) for a bite to eat, conversation and laughter.

We met back in 2002 and became friends after continually bumping into each other at various gigs. I've attended art shows of hers, we've shared many meals, shared many gigs and even had brunch together when we were both in New York last year.

Always fun and always a pleasure

  Day 48 (Thu 19th June)

Always happy when sitting in my favourite cafe - Fitzrovia.

It is a day off work - a cup of coffee in front of me - a book to read - breakfast on its way.

Breakfast in a cafe is one of my favourite pleasures in life.

I am certainly living in the right piece of the world to feed that habit.


  Day 49 (Fri 20th June)

I have adored Eddi Reader for years and I've seen her in the UK and also anytime that she visits Australia.

Tonight is one of those times and I have been looking forward to it for quite a while.

It is hard to explain how good an Eddi Reader show is - it is always something special and she takes me to a place that few others can. Magical.

  Day 50 (Sat 21st June)

I'm seeing Eddi Reader again tonight - because I can.

Everytime I have seen Eddi in Australia, it is because she has been brought over by my friend Caroline. Caroline used to run the Cornish Arms and is responsible for some incredible and special evenings of entertainment in my life.

She is a lovely person with a generous nature and a ready smile. It's always a pleasure to see her.

  Day 51 (Sun 22nd June)

Last night, the support for Eddi Reader was the wonderful Sally Dastey.

I became a fan of hers when seeing the incredible female trio, Tiddas, back in 1999. I loved seeing them and also seeing Sally as a solo performer when they split up.

I use to manage her website, but she rarely performs nowadays, so catching up with her and listening to her perform made for a wonderful evening - she is so talented and such good fun.

  Day 52 (Mon 23rd June)

Almost completed day 2 of my diet - but feeling lucky to have a local salad bar to provide me with a nice dinner - thanks Feedme.

I haven't set myself a goal other than to be able to wear more of the shirts in my wardrobe without people asking me when I'm due.

I am excited though as I am going to succeed and it is making me happy at the thought of not looking or eating like a pig.

  Day 53 (Tue 24th June)

Tonight finds me having dinner with my lovely friend Trudi.

We lived together for a time in 2002 and other than the time that she lived in Queensland, we have caught up regularly for food, laughter and footy.

A genuinely good person, her company is a pleasure and I always look forward to our times together.

  Day 54 (Wed 25th June)

A nice catchup with the Deanne and Heather at the Money Order Office.

So much history and so many tales - and so much to laugh about - usually other people.

We shared more stories than ever and learned some inner stuff.

These are delightful people that I love having as my friends.

  Day 55 (Thu 26th June)

A nice catchup with Charlotte (and Bertie) who I met through a mutual friend in 2009.

She is a journalist and writer and I created a website for her to advertise her talents.

Being English, we have our pasts in common and similar senses of humour - we laugh a lot.

It's always fun when we catch up and I get to play with Bertie too.

  Day 56 (Fri 27th June)

As usual, at work on a Friday, I like to choose an artist and listen to that artist for the day. Today was my beloved Kate Bush.

When I first heard Wuthering Heights in 1978, I was interested. And when that was followed with The Man with the Child in His Eyes and in fact the whole Kick Inside album, I was hers. And I still am.

Though I now only enjoy about 80% of her stuff, today her 2005 album, Aerial, was the perfect sound to go with my day - love it and her.

  Day 57 (Sat 28th June)

Started the day with Judge Judy telling some idiots that they were idiots.

Too many people don't care about the consequences of their actions and don't take responsibility for them - but you can't do that when confronted by Judge Judy.

I do like a bit of justice.

Plus, She is one funny lady - makes me smile a lot.

  Day 58 (Sun 29th June)

People of Letters was created by Michaela McGuire and the wonderful Marieke Hardy (in photo).

Each month they choose a theme for a letter and the celebrities write a letter on that theme that they present to the audience at the event. Sometimes they do it in pairs like today i.e. they write letters to each other - a different dynamic.

These events are always a mixture of interesting, entertaining, thought provoking and funny. Always leaves me wanting more.

  Day 59 (Mon 30th June)

Today I met somebody for the first time and they knew of me because of my coffee project that I did in 2011. How cool is that?

It was the first photo project I toyed with and it lasted a year in which time I drank and photographed over 1000 cups of coffee.

I have just gone back in and had a browse through it and find that I am actually proud of my efforts and therefore I am acknowledging it here.


  Day 60 (Tue 1st July)

Just had coffee with Linda and Vika.

Two nicer people or more talented singers would be hard to find.

I've known Vika and Linda for over 14 years now having created and managed their website for 10 years and sold their CDs at gigs. They even recorded a couple of songs that I suggested.

Their company and music are responsible for many, many happy moments in my world.

  Day 61 (Wed 2nd July)

Dinner with Terri is always a good thing.

We met at my first Australian job in 1998 - we kept bumping into each other in the queue for coffee.

We've shared many gigs and meals over the years and enjoy a catchup and natter when time allows.

Our conversations are varied, but the constant is the laughter.

  Day 62 (Thu 3rd July)

At the Ballarat Wildlife Park

Looking for happiness.

I didn't have to look very hard.

  Day 63 (Fri 4th July)

Today's music has been Leonard Cohen - a man I've been a fan of since repeatedly listening to his 1992 album, The Future.

I had the privilege to see him in 2009 (see my photo) and twice last year - what a pleasure.

His lyrics and medleys are obviously winners, but there is a whole other level to him - it really is a hypnotic experience and magical. What a man - and what an experience he is. I just love all that he's done and don't tire of listening to him.

  Day 64 (Sat 5th July)

Just saw an episode of Cake Boss on TV.

I enjoy the program so much that I have a photo of me outside Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey.

I'm not sure why I enjoy the program as it doesn't sound like something that I would like. But I do - it's the people and the humour of course. It is also the talent of the cake makers. It is harmless fun and a nice escape from the world - I can just relax into it. Simple pleasures.

  Day 65 (Sun 6th July)

Watching the footy and all the beards on show reminded me - I've been there.

I had hair once too.

I also had a face that wasn't as chubby.

I love looking at the different people that I've been. I like to try and remember what I was like back then. I know I was as happy then as I am now, so that is a good thing.

  Day 66 (Mon 7th July)

Continuing the theme of happy versions of myself from throughout the years, here's a 14 year old version of me - and I'm wearing denim on denim, so my powers must have been strong - lock up your daughters.

I remember looking like this but I have no idea who I was or what I had to say. I also have no idea what the thinking was with having my hair look like that.

I know that I was having a ball at that time - life was growing and growing - nothing could go wrong. Care-free days.

  Day 67 (Tue 8th July)

Dinner with Georgie, Tommy, Matt and Murat.

Georgie and Tommy are two good and fun people to know - great parents and interesting people - and it's always a pleasure to catch up with them.

Matt got his mention on Day 10.

Murat and I worked together in the UK in 1995. I stayed with him when I arrived here in 1998. He's got me 3 jobs over the years. I have good friends that I met through him. He's a top bloke and a good friend.

  Day 68 (Wed 9th July)

Dinner with my mate Jackie who is the sister of my ex boss, Chris (day 27).

We met in 2008 and hit it off - we have similar tastes for a lot of things.

Since then, we have caught up many times, usually for a dinner at local restaurants.

She always has tales to tell and I'm always interested in stories - so it works well.

  Day 69 (Thu 10th July)

A catchup with Marque.

We worked together until last year when he left to open a gym with his wife Jennie. It's great whenever somebody follows their passion and even better when it works.

He's a top bloke - always kind and helpful and always with a smile.

It had been a while, but good to be in his company again.

  Day 70 (Fri 11th July)

Though Brad Sewell (Hawthorn superstar) is currently injured, it didn't stop him posing for a photo with me.

I've seen many sports in my life, but Aussie Rules players are the fittest I have seen - to be fast, strong and skillfull on big grounds for long games - wow!

Football (soccer) is at my core, but I love AFL and therefore it was great to meet one of my team's top players.

  Day 71 (Sat 12th July)

At the Rainbow Hotel. For 14 years (under Chick Ratten), live music 7 days a week - most of it free. I had so many top nights in the pub and was introduced to so many wonderful local music acts - and I was happy to be a friend of Chick's - I even ran their website for a while.

Other than enjoying the music, I made new friends from the place - it was a community - a real musically hub and a major contribution to music in Melbourne.

So many wonderful memories.

  Day 72 (Sun 13th July)

The first gig that I chose to go to in Australia was to see Chris Wilson - a man I had heard a lot about in respect to the blues.

What I didn't realise was how much of a complete music man he was - his harmonica playing and voice are the best. His band at that time (The Crown of Thorns) was fantastic - what they did with songs was incredible.

I have seen Chris many, many times and he never fails to impress and leave me satisfied. He is a star and I am a fan. It is that simple.

  Day 73 (Mon 14th July)

A new fine! I started fining people in early 2012 for what I saw as crimes. It started on a whim and has grown - it seems to be one of my more popular projects and it certainly gives me lots of pleasure - I'm always happy to capture one and to read the reactions when I post them.

I keep them all on my fines website as well as put a lot of them on Facebook.

It may be a bit cruel sometimes, but I am far from perfect so that is just how it is.

  Day 74 (Tue 15th July)

I bumped into Lex who I first met him when he was working in a CD shop and I went in to buy my first Vika and Linda CD. He told me all about them as he knew them and it was he that introduced me to them in person.

Other than that, he told me and introduced me to lots of local music and we became good mates and shared lots of chat and laughter.

I see less of him nowadays as we live in different worlds - he's absorbed in his music and art and I do my thing. It was great catching up with him and remembering those times.

  Day 75 (Wed 16th July)

Soon after arriving in Melbourne, I realised that it was the place for me - it satisfies the things that give me pleasure.

So wanting be stay here and being allowed to were far apart. I tried many ways and had many difficulties along the way, but eventually achieved it in November 2005. Then on 13th March, 2008 I had the Citizenship Ceremony that gave me dual nationality.

All that I currently do is down to being here, so my citizenship is a huge thing in my life and allows me to be here and this happy.

  Day 76 (Thu 17th July)

Had a lovely catchup with Cathy today.

A friend from when I first arrived in Australia - she worked at the same place as I did. We used to hang around a fair bit but I hadn't seen her in a while.

She is one of the kindest nicest people you could meet and it was great to see her again.

Re-connecting with good folk is a pleasure.

  Day 77 (Fri 18th July)

A breakfast catch up with my mate Mara.

We worked together for six months in 2005 and if she hadn't been there, I may have gone mad. It was certainly an interesting place to have worked, but we both came away with big wins. She ended up with a new partner who she is still with and I gained my Australian Residency by being supported by them.

I certainly wasn't sorry to leave the job, but I have Mara as a friend as a result and that is a big plus as she is such a lovely person.

  Day 78 (Sat 19th July)

Soon after arriving in Australia I heard of Archie Roach and it wasn't long before I got to see him - and what a pleasure it has been every time since.

He is a genius story teller with a great ear for melody and arrangements. His stories are personal and strong and he expresses what needs to be said.

He gives a voice to those whose voices aren't listened to.

He is a special man and a special performer and one of my pleasures in life.

  Day 79 (Sun 20th July)

RocKwiz is a music quiz and entertainment program first aired in early 2005. It is mc'd by the smart and funny Brian Nankervis (photo) and presented by the wonderful Julia Zemiro.

I first saw it recorded in 2005 (with Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze) and Linda Bull) and have now seen over 30 episodes recorded plus some live shows.

RocKwiz has become an institution and is responsible for some unique duets between the guests at each show. I love the show and feel so fortunate to have seen so many live - they have looked after me well.

  Day 80 (Mon 21st July)

Sticking with the theme of previous versions of me, I've found this photo of me and my sister, Louise.

I was just 8 months old and it was shortly after this photo that I was operated on and they removed my african legs and replaced them with a pair of caucasian ones.

I was a chubby kid, so some things don't change - but as ever, I was laughing - as was Louise - probably because my mother was dressing me as a girl again.

  Day 81 (Tue 22nd July)

I have seen Paul Kelly a few times and he is a very talented man.

He has performed under a few guises over the years and he has written songs for a multitude of stars - including Vika and Linda who have recorded quite a few of his songs and they often perform with him.

To me, he is known more as a songwriter as I haven't seen him perform too much over the years, but when he does perform, he's damn good at that too.

  Day 82 (Wed 23rd July)

I can't go through my 100 days of happiness without mentioning my favourite author and that is Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse.

I first read him in my 20s when a friend bought me a couple of his books.

I have since read so much of his stuff and still adore Jeeves and Wooster and don't tire of reading those books.

P G Wodehouse has made me laugh so much and I adore his style, the dialogue and the characters. So much pleasure.

  Day 83 (Thu 24th July)

I remember having my first massage back in 1992 - it wasn't great, but I recognised that it could be. Over the years, I have had many massages and many varieties - I have discovered that my favourite is a Lomi Lomi (aka Kahuna aka Hawaiian).

Nowadays, with less money at my disposal, massages have become a rare treat and therefore I like to make sure that I know that it will be good before indulging. I know of one place that I can rely on and that is where I've been today - a 90 minute massage that has left me feeling very relaxed.

  Day 84 (Fri 25th July)

Just listened to Dan Sultan's new CD, Blackbird - excellent stuff.

I first experienced Dan at a Black Armband gig and his voice jumped out and grabbed my attention.

On top of the voice, he has a great stage presence and energy, he's a superb guitarist and he writes some fine songs.

It amazes me that he isn't a bigger star than he currently is, but I'm grateful too as it means I get more opportunities to see him. What a star.

  Day 85 (Sat 26th July)

Another old photo - this one, I think, is from when I was 16 - probably the last school photo I had.

I'm not sure what the idea was with the angle photo - it makes it look like I'm poking my head into somebody else's photo.

For some reason, I have my hair shaped like it is a bike helmet with fur on it, but I know that I was happy with it. I can remember a bit about this version of me - I was finally developing a personality. Happy days.

  Day 86 (Sun 27th July)

At the footy yesterday, I got to shake hands with one of the most exciting and talented footballers that is currently playing the game.

Cyril Rioli is a magician and I am so pleased that he plays for my team - though it is sad that he is currently injured.

I do like footy. I do like Hawthorn. I enjoy all the good players. Cyril leads the pack and watching him play is a pleasure.

  Day 87 (Mon 28th July)

In 1975, I bought Elton John's double album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

I was a fan back then and I still am - he's been a constant in my world.

I've seen him live three times; 1) Wembley Stadium, London 2) Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne and 3) last year at Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas (see photo).

Attached to his music are memories from throughout my life - always happy ones. Thanks Elton.

  Day 88 (Tue 29th July)

Whilst appreciating music that has travelled the years with me, my sister has reminded me that she played Simon and Garfunkel a lot as we grew up – and that explains why they are part of me.

They were no longer together at that time, which was sad, but I was still happy to listen to them.

Following on from their reunion gig (Central Park 1981), they then played at Wembley Stadium in 1982 and I was there. It remains one of my favourite musical moments. (The photo is when I saw them in Melbourne.)

  Day 89 (Wed 30th July)

A good catch up with Edwin who I worked with back in 2003/04.

He is a damn funny chap and makes me laugh a lot.

He observes a lot and has a funny take on most things. He has a gentle nature and shrugs at the down times and embraces the good ones.

Another person that I don't see very often, but it's a good day when we do catch up.

  Day 90 (Thu 31st July)

What the hell. There I was - it was 1972 or 73 - my teenage years were not far ahead of me - and I was dressed like this.

I remember that the shirt and tie were purple - and possible made out of curtains from the look of them.

So my mother had given up on dressing me as a girl and decided that it would do me good to go out looking like Liberace.

For some reason I am still smiling - ignorance is bliss.

  Day 91 (Fri 1st August)

This baby has carried me around for the last 7 years.

So many additional things have become available to me due to having my own transport. So many more possibilities.

Yes, the rain has an impact, but having a scooter means that there are no traffic queues or parking issues.

Until hover boots are invented, there isn't a better way of getting around - I love the convenience and ease. I love my scooter.

  Day 92 (Sat 2nd August)

Following on from appreciating my scooter, here is me on my first bike.

Actually, by the look of it, my feet wouldn't have even reached the pedals, so it was probably Louise's bike and she was a back seat driver.

I remember learning to ride a bike and all the adventures that came about once I could explore further afield.

A chubby kid with wheels - happy days.

  Day 93 (Sun 3rd August)

When I was a young lad, my mum would take me and my sister to a library where I would sit and read Asterix and Tintin books endlessly.

And that is when my inner Tintin came to exist. I wanted to have adventures - preferably to find secret tunnels or discover a map where x marks the spot - but any adventure would do.

And I really have spent my life seeking adventures of any type. Each new person met is an adventure too. I love adventures of any kind - they drive me.

  Day 94 (Mon 4th August)

Glam Rock and the music of the 1970s - me and Rosie both survived it.

Alvin Stardust, Bay City Rollers, Chicory Tip, David Essex, Fox, Gary Glitter, Hello, Kenny, Leo Sayer, Mott the Hoople, Mud, New Seekers, Pilot, Queen, Roxy Music, The Rubettes, Sailor, Showaddywaddy, Slade, Suzi Quatro, Sweet, T.Rex, Wizzard - to name a few.

I still love all the music above plus much more 70s stuff - glam runs through my veins.

  Day 95 (Tue 5th August)

Born to dance badly. I couldn't dance then and I never improved. But I still love disco! So many acts - so much fun.

Odyssey, The Isley Brothers, The Jacksons, Tavares, The O'Jays, KC & The Sunshine Band, Sly & The Family Stone, The Weather Girls, Hot Chocolate, The Three Degrees, George McCrae, Earth, Wind & Fire, LaBelle, Billy Ocean, Deniece Williams, Heatwave, Tina Charles, Baccara, Boney M, Wild Cherry, The Pointer Sisters, The Delfonics, Tavares, Gladys Knight, Sister Sledge, Rose Royce, Chic, Hues Corporation, Chaka Khan, The Three Degrees, Candi Staton, The Trammps.

  Day 96 (Wed 6th August)

What thrills me most is a good conversation - that can be with either a known or unknown person. I enjoy the questions asked and the answers given. Stories shared.

I am interested in what makes others tick and tend to be nosy when talking - but that is because I really want to know. People excite me.

I once wrote that everyone is worth meeting at least once and it's great when once isn't enough. That still holds true for me.

  Day 97 (Thu 7th August)

Some lesson's learnt (though I obviously didn't learn that it's best to sit on a seat where your feet can reach the ground).

Ignoring school where I could learn things but could never prove it, I am happy to be someone who looks for lessons in most things and am always trying to understand my thought processes and motivations - as well as those of others.

I walk with my head up and my eyes open and I like a lot of what I see.

  Day 98 (Fri 8th August)

My fashion sense is questionable most of the time - and some would question whether I have any at all. But wearing a toga and a bow-tie was never going to work.

Considering how my mother used to dress me and also growing up in the 70s, I have done well to get this far without wearing Corduroy.

So ignoring some wanky t-shirts, I'm happy to be accepted into society as a sometimes normal looking chap.

  Day 99 (Sat 9th August)

As part of this project, I've enjoyed looking back to my roots and the paths I've taken - it makes a change from looking forwards - but not forgetting (as they say) that the past is for reference and not for residence.

I can't deny that I have had a very easy life and having it easy is good, but appreciating it is better and enjoying it tops it off nicely.

I think that I've taken the road less travelled on enough occasions to keep me guessing - and I intend to continue doing so.

  Day 100 (Sun 10th August)

So there we go - it's finished. 100 days of acknowledging what makes me happy and why I'm happy.

It has been very rewarding and I've enjoyed the interaction that it has generated.

I have accumulated all the features and put them together in this clip that I've put on YouTube: 100 Days.

I've been happy doing it and have enjoyed sharing it.