I wrote a short piece (116 words) and then set out to get 116 people to randomly select one of the words and then write it on a board and have their picture taken with it.

Once all the words were taken, I cut them out and put them together to show what I had written.

So the following are the photos in the order that they were taken, followed by the words in sequence.


Pat: if
Louise: talked
Jon: learnt

David: the
Judy: experiences
Daniel: senses

Aimee: that
Eden: the
Rock: spend

Tanya: accepted
Theo: head
Jodi: instincts

Stuart: started
Craig: taught
Karen: and

Bernie: listened
Clive: disliked
Doug: that

Adtley: along

Lisa: where
Miné: what

Trudi: invest
Jane: we
Rachel: unique

Dilini: eyes
Karin: we
Danielle: through

Kristy: who
Meaghan: now
Steph: observed

Alison: and
Jules: overcome
Maddie: don't

Riley: survived
Susan: add
Lauren: what

Loraine: your
Carmen: of
Penny: so

Dina: your
Sharon: keep
Bec: share

Emma: and
Paul: smiling
Georgie: search

Kam: wins
Tommy: right
Murat: ideas

Marc: open
Jill: with
Sarah: others

Joel: met
Rekha: keep
Jacqui: rejected

Merredith: interacted
Tass: like
Carol: and

Brad: dismissed
Deanne: nowhere
Loretta: lots

Heather: not
Sonam: your
Alex: place

Wayne: chose
Felicia: many
Edwina: and

Cathy: celebrate
Sam: in
Kate: have

Nicola: then
Chris: avoided
Linda: adventures

Kylie: find
Marion: and
Gaylene: it

Helen: for
Kerrie: thoughts
Donna: from

Georgina: way
Ruth: those
Rohan: and

Matt: did
Sally: you
Marque: experienced

Afroditi: in
Tonia: and
Nikki: and

Julie: experienced
Monnie: and
Liz: liked

Kat: emotions
Rob: and
Matt: encountered

Mitchell: we
Charlotte: we
Georgie: don't

Kyle: embrace
Steve: losses
Jo: are

Chris: are
Jackie: time
Nicole: up

Julie: alive
Lauren: and
Jack: trust

Jenny: all
Julian: those
Nadine: you

Francine: you're
Karen: the
Mark: the

Tracey: and
Helen: your
Terri: all

Peter: do
Frank: and




, ,
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, .



We all started from nowhere and are unique through all that we have encountered and experienced along the way.

We taught and learnt, accepted and dismissed, talked and listened, interacted and observed, liked and disliked, chose and rejected, met and avoided, and experienced many emotions.

We survived where others did not.

So what now?

Celebrate the wins. Overcome the losses. Spend time with those who add - don't invest in those that don't. Search for adventures. Embrace experiences. Share ideas and thoughts. Trust your instincts. Keep your senses alive.

Find what you like and do lots of it.

Keep your head up and your eyes open and if you are smiling, then you're in the right place.


(P.S. I am not sure that I agree with the second part of my last sentence, but it is too late to change it now)