Back in 1991, I started writing to English football clubs for my entertainment - just applying for jobs and offering advice. It started with writing to my team, Leicester City, but then extended to other teams.

When I arrived in Australia in 1998, in the AFL I supported North Melbourne as that was the team followed by some mates. But then I thought about it and decided that I had really chosen them - they were just given to me. With that in mind, in 2003 I decided to go and choose my own team by writing to them all expressing my expectations and to ask whether they were the team for me or not. I am happy with the team that won me over.

As I had enjoyed the AFL letters, I tried to generate some interest in other sporting codes with some letters, but I didn't have much luck with that - but the attempts are also shown here.

A final effort was to try and generate some interest in politics, but no success there either.

As to what will generate my interest in the world of letters next, time will tell.