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  Thursday 30th September

Being in an online meeting where, after something was said, somebody responded with:
“Let’s double-click on that for a minute”.

This is not language I need to hear, so I fine her $3.14 – don’t ever talk like that in front of me again.

  Saturday 16th September

Is he ensuring that social distancing is maintained or is he an arse taking up too much space?

I agree, so that is a $2.63 arse fine.

  Friday 1st October

What to say? Just No!

A $1.17 fine for putting me off my food

  Wednesday 3rd November

Listening to a gig online

"This one is for Mum and Dad - I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

What a pointless thing to say. A fine of $1

  Wednesday 17th November

A double fine!

Having the clicking on their phone when typing - like only an idiot would. And then choosing to watch a video with sound but no ear phones - like an arse would.

A total of $4.75. They should just be grateful that I didn’t have a pointy stick.

  Monday 6th December

I went to an exhibition/event called “Happy Place” - I think a better name might have been “hmmmm - So-So Place”.

With a tag line of "Happy Place is guaranteed to put a smile on your face", I fine them the cost of my admission for failing to live up to that.

  Thursday 9th December

At a gig and the singer said:
“I’ve been singing this song for more than a number of years.”

What the hell length of time is that?

$1.13 fine for talking bollocks