Throughout 2011, I decided to do a project for my own interest and pleasure - though it isn't a great worldly statement, I like it and enjoyed creating it.

I suppose that it is a form of art that I can appreciate in as much as:
it has a theme (coffee);
it is part of my life (they are all coffees that I had);
it tells a story (it shows where I was and when);
it shows different places (all the backgrounds);
it allows perspective (clicking on an image shows a larger version);
it's conformity is a pleasing vision.

The statistics are as follows:
I went to 617 different venues (561 in Australia and 56 in the US)
I had 1082 coffee's (1025 in Australia and 57 in the US)
That averages out at 2.96 coffees each day.

Assuming that each coffee is $3.40, then I spent $3678.80

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