09/11/10 To All political parties I thought that I'd select which political party to vote for .... letter
(None of them replied)

Rugby League
17/10/03 To All Clubs In a similar vein to the AFL letters, I thought that I'd see if there was any reaction in the world of Rugby League .... letter
24/10/03 From Panthers A good reply .... letter
27/10/03 From Sea Eagles A reply .... letter
31/10/03 From Knights Another goody .... letter

17/10/03 To All Clubs Another sport for me to investigate .... letter
21/10/03 From Breakers Not interested .... letter
28/10/03 From Pirates Nice try .... letter
06/11/03 From Tigers Nice reply .... letter

17/10/03 To All Clubs Back in the days of the old football competition .... letter
06/11/03 From Stallions The only reply and it wasn't worth it .... letter