10/10/03 To
All AFL teams I decided that I needed to choose myself an AFL club to follow, so I wrote to them all to see who could live up to my expectations .... letter
13/10/03 From
Bulldogs They want me! .... letter page 1 and page 2
16/10/03 To
Bulldogs Let's see if they really want me .... letter
20/10/03 From
Swans Great reply .... letter
21/10/03 From
Cats Another goody .... letter
22/10/03 From
Demons At least they replied .... letter
29/10/03 From
Hawks The only President to reply and a good reply at that .... letter
31/10/03 From
Bulldogs They are putting forward a good case .... letter
13/11/03 To
Hawks Let's see what they're made of .... letter
13/11/03 To
Bulldogs It's between the Bulldogs and Hawks .... letter
13/11/03 To
Remaining teams Disappointed in only hearing from 5 of the 16 teams, I decided to try again .... letter
18/11/03 From
Blues Why bother .... letter
19/11/03 From
Crows Same here .... letter
01/12/03 From
Eagles Good sales pitch ..... letter
02/12/03 From
Hawks Yep, they seem to be interested .... letter
02/12/03 From
Bombers Tempting .... letter
20/12/03 To
Bulldogs Have they lost interest? .... letter
20/12/03 To
Remaining Clubs A final try on the 7 remaining clubs - none replied .... letter
08/01/04 From
Bulldogs A valiant attempt, but it came just too late .... letter page 1 and page 2
13/01/04 To
Hawks Having delivered the signed photos as requested, I felt that Hawthorn were the team for me - so I joined up .... letter
07/06/04 To
Hawks As I am an active member, I should stay in touch with the club .... letter
16/06/04 From
Hawks Yep, they are still there for me .... letter
03/08/04 To
Hawks We need a new coach? What about me? .... letter
24/08/04 From
Hawks Oh well, at least I was considered .... letter
31/08/05 From
Hawks I can't find what I sent, but it was about the news that the Hawks president was stepping down at the end of the season - but this is the reply .... letter
20/12/07 To
Hawks As I've heard nothing from the club, I have written with my latest demands that, if met, will result in me re-signing to the club .... letter
25/01/08 From
Hawks Very much a "we don't care what you do" response .... letter
29/10/09 To
Hawks Catch-up with my mate Jeff .... letter
31/03/10 To Hawks Follow-up on Jeff's lack of response .... letter