I have lived in 21 places over my time:

Leicester (5), Leeds (3), Bristol (1), Winchester (1), Cardiff (1), Oxford (1)

Madison, Wisconsin (1)

Melbourne, Australia
Clifton Hill (1), Richmond (3), South Melbourne (1), City (2), St Kilda (1)

With the way technology has developed, I can now go and visit those places and remember what it was like to be there. I haven't been able to find/remember all the places, but the following are those that I could.

Leicester (Knighton)

For my first 11 years, I lived at this house in Knighton, Leicester

Leicester (Stoneygate)

This is our second family house

Leicester (Melton Road) - 1980

This is the flat I shared with a couple of mates

Leicester (Clarendon Park) - 1985

This is the first house that I bought

Leicester (Oadby) - 1989

This is the last house that I bought in the UK

Wisconsin (Madison) - 1991

I lived in the US for 4 months but can't remember the address

Leeds (Kirkstall) - 1992

After that short stint in the US, I returned to the UK and rented this place

Bristol (Clifton) - 1994

Upon moving to Bristol, I rented a top floor room in this house

Winchester - 1995

The project I worked on in Bristol then moved to Hursely, I lived with 2 friends in this wonderful house in gorgeous Winchester

Cardiff (Penarth) - 1996

I had a good year living next to a marina

Oxford (Cowley) - 1997

My final stint in the UK was 18 months in Oxford and this is one of the two places I rented

Melbourne (Clifton Hill) - 1998

Upon arriving in Melbourne, a mate let me stay with him at this Warehouse conversion

Melbourne (Richmond) - 1998

The first place I rented was a lovely house in a great spot

Melbourne (Richmond) - 1999

After a while, I moved into an apartment opposite the house I was in

Melbourne (South Melbourne) - 2002

For a short period, I rented a room in a house in South Melbourne whilst I was between jobs

Melbourne (City) - 2002

Once I was working again, I moved into an apartment on the edge of the City and Carlton

Melbourne (Richmond) - 2005

After a year in another place in the City (same building), I moved back to Richmond

Melbourne (almost St Kilda) - 2009

I have been in this place for a few years now