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  Monday 4th August

Sitting there looking gormless is fair enough - it was 5:45am.

But putting on a plaster and throwing the paper on the floor and then rolling a ciggy and brushing the excess on the floor, I fine you $1.07 for being so selfish and disrespectful.

Every stop has rubbish bins, so it isn't difficult, you knob.

  Wednesday 6th August

I took this a while ago but forgot about it until now, so a belated fine of $0.03 for proudly wandering the streets like this.

It gave me a bit of a start.

  Sunday 10th August

Having fined this man previously for a) pissing and b) spitting, today I saw him go into the bushes to top up his water bottle - the bottle used when he cleans people's car windows.

He clearly has issues, but I am still fining him $0.94 for window peeing.

What a menace!

  Sunday 17th August

Hey! We've just finished eating, but I'm still drinking my coffee, so why bring the bill?

Hey! I'm still drinking my coffee, so why return and ask if I'm ready to pay?

Hey! Don't tell me that there are others waiting for a table when I am still drinking my coffee, you arse of a man.

I'm out of here and will never return to 'Between Us' on Mailing Road in Canterbury.

Plus, a fine of $91 which was the cost of the brunch for the four of us.

  Friday 22nd August

He can dress in any way that he likes. He can have lots of big-linked chains around his neck. He can wear big girls shoes that make him look like a knob. No worries.

But to sit there talking such bollocks, that will cost you a $3.21 fine. Now shut the hell up.

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