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  Monday 9th June

So it's a public holiday. Yes.

But a 15% surcharge because it's a public holiday? Get lost.

You choose to open or you choose to close - that is your choice and you shouldn't charge your customers for that decision.

Disgraceful behaviour and I fine you $1.50

  Wednesday 11th June

I was meeting a friend out at Eltham and had to visit the Gentlemen's to relieve myself.

This chap was at the urinal next to me and left the spot prior to finishing and therefore dribbled on the floor before putting it away and zipping up. He then washed his hands and left.

I nipped ahead of him for the photo.

So for the weird series of events - or for not doing things in the right sequence - I fine him $3.61.

  Thursday 12th June

This chap was browsing CDs and then asked the chap behind the till if they had any Michael Jackson stuff.

He said that he wanted early stuff as he preferred Michael's voice before he hit puberty and it broke.

I'm pretty sure that Michael Jackson's voice never broke - it never changed - what did this chap hear?

For confusing the attendent, I fine him $0.04

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