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  Saturday 7th December

This woman and her friends behaved disgracefully at the Leonard Cohen day-on-the-green gig.

We all paid a lot to be there and that is because we wanted to go and listen to Leonard. We did not pay to listen to this troll who thought that she was hilarious.

She was not hilarious - not even close - she was annoying, loud, rude and disrespectful to all around her.

When asked to be quiet by a chap, she said no and became louder.

I hate her and fine her $49.99

  Saturday 7th December

Also at the Leonard Cohen gig were four friends - of which I captured three here.

I don't think that they cared where they were - they drank a lot, they talked and chatted and paid little attention to the stage. And they were loud.

What is wrong with these people?

They didn't let up for the whole gig as they chatted and looked at thinks on their phone.

I hate them too and also fine them $49.99

  Thursday 12th December



I am all for people looking however they are comfortable, but that doesn't mean that a fine of $1.25 isn't earned for having that hair.

As for the clothes, I'll let him off with a warning.

  Sunday 15th December

Thanks you tosser - I'll go and find somewhere else to park then.

But I fine you $4.49 and hope that you develop an embarrassing rash.

  Monday 16th December


Originally I thought it was a hat. then I thought that it might be a growth.

But no, this was how she chose to do her hair.

And $1.25 is the size of the fine she gets for that decision.

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