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  Thursday 7th November

Support act to Women in Docs.

Dedication before one song was, "This is for somebody that I know".

What a great tale - thanks for sharing.

Why even say anything at all you loser.

That's a $1.19 fine and it's not for somebody - it's for you.


Tuesday 12th November

This is the prick that I sat next to at a show tonight.

He had no concept of personal space nor did he have any consideration for others.

I really didn't need his leg rubbing against mine, either.

I can't begin to express how much I dislike him and therefore I fine him $21.61 and I curse him too.


Wednesday 20th November

An elderly Asian chap with a mouth mask was sitting on the tram minding his own business.

Then this knob got on, sat next to him and started having a go for no reason at all - well, unless being a loser is a reason.

He was saying things like: "Wearing a mask is stupid - you look stupid". "You're Asian and should know better". "You don't know what you are doing because you're stupid". "What did you do in the World Wars?". Plus plenty more.

It was a weird collection of disjointed and rude things and then he got up and left the tram.

I am being lenient and will only fine him $37.19 but won't be sorry to hear that something nasty has happened to him.

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