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  Thursday 3rd October

For trying too hard to look down, out and miserable, I fine you $1.38.

You're not fooling anyone, you loser.


Saturday 5th October


If this had been a hat, then the fine would be less.

But this was the hair and it can't be forgiven.

So a fine of $1.25


Sunday 6th October


For being excessively German/Bavarian in a built-up area, I fine this chap $3.06.


Tuesday 8th October

For sitting in front of me with hair that hasn't been washed for at least two weeks, I fine you $8.37 - you smelly pig.


Wednesday 9th October

I will forget that diet, but I won't forget the your/you're error


Wednesday 16th October

Ummmm ...... to be kind, I'll only fine her the standard 'bad hair' amount of $1.25 but it looks like a bigger crime than that.

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