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  Wednesday 3rd July

"I think that having a good keeper in goal is key to any club" (says Carl Muggleton).

What a great insight.

Where else would a keeper be other than in goal?

And I agree, a good keeper is better than having a shit one.

Thanks so much for sharing, but pay a $2.83 fine for such pointless drivel.

  Friday 5th July

Listening to podcast about Jeeves and Wooster, one of the talkers says that she doesn't mind buying the books second-hand as the author is not "currently alive".

I fine you $0.01 per day until P G Wodehouse is alive again.

  Monday 8th July

I mean ... really?

In a meeting and you are eating/munching on carrots and celery!

I'm not deaf you know.

So I fine you $0.73 for such crunching in a confined space when tomatoes and avocado could have been eaten instead.

  Tuesday 23rd July

Listening to a podcast:

"I wouldn't be who I am if I hadn't been to Camp."
"Who would you be?"
"I don't know."

I guess that you'd be somebody who hasn't been to camp?

What drivel. I fine you $1.17 each - now say something interesting.

  Thursday 25th July

Five of us sitting together and John started playing a game on his phone!

A $3.17 fine to John and a $0.17 fine to each of the remaining four of us for clearly being boring.

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