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  Thursday 2nd May

I've had to fine Joffa $3.33 previously - for being a knob in black and white.

Today he is a prick in red who I am fining $3.79.

  Monday 6th May

Ok - let's get it out there - it's the fashion - I get that.

Having your trousers low and the undies showing is just how it is - get over it grandad.

But really - look how low these are - how on earth are they not falling to the ground?

Regardless of fashion - this bloke looks like a knob and I fine him $0.37 because I want to.


Thursday 9th May

Some have it tougher than others but as I just had to experience you throwing up into a bin, I fine you $4.12


Saturday 11th May

I know that bright purple isn't a colour that I can do justice to.

Then again, a fine of $3.86 for this knob for not recognising his limitations in not being able to carry it off either.


Tuesday 21st May

In a meeting at work:

".... and that will take approximately a lot of time".

What? So I will fine you approximately a lot - for saying something so vague.


Wednesday 22nd May

On Desert Island Discs, Alice Walker was asked how long it took to write The Colour Purple.

Her answer was, "Almost exactly one year".

Huh? Almost or exactly? That'll be a $0.14 fine.


Friday 31st May

At a show, it is bad enough that this mole chatted to her mate, but joining in a song too?

Get stuffed and pay a $14.71 fine you tosser.

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