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  Monday 1st April

This couple seemed to have used their son as the reason/excuse for going to the football, yet they were more into it than him.

They had flags that they waved when Geelong scored and were totally absorbed whereas their son seemed less interested and had no flag.

I felt sorry for the lad and fine each parent $0.64

  Wednesday 3rd April

Phar Lap went missing but I've found his tail attached to the back of this knobs head.

A standard bad hair fine of $1.25

  Wednesday 10th April

Poms are mocked for wearing socks and sandals.

But explain this fashion statement?

Worth a fine of $1.47 at least

  Sunday 14th April

Sometimes they just write themselves.

Joffa you are a mess and you are a joke.

But I'll be kind because you have to see yourself in the mirror and I'll only fine you $3.33 for looking like and being a knob.

  Tuesday 30th April

I was at work, in the lift (elevator) with a few people and we stopped at a floor on the way down and a chap got in and then held the door open waiting for his mate.

And he called out to him and kept the door open whilst waiting about 20 seconds.

To me that is the sort of action that deserves a punch on the back of his head, but that isn't allowed so I'll fine him $2.01 for such selfish and inconsiderate behaviour.

Wait for your mate or get in the lift. They are your options you dick.

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