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  Friday 1st March


Tough day at the office?

That's a $2.49 fine for not choosing to do something more wonderful on such a lovely sunny day like today.

  Monday 11h March

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No it's the twat who pulled out right in front of me despite there being lots of room behind me.

For that, I fine this loser $2.31

  Thursday 14h March

This chap was explaining how the council had made him share a house with eight other guys who used to not wear much and he wasn't into that and therefore left. Apparently they "wanted" him.

Hard to believe.

I fine him $0.79 for the aggressive way that he told his stories.

  Thursday 28th March


This nut is standing and ranting at people and things that only he can see and hear.

For being scary and making two children cry, I fine him $2.22.

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