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  Friday 1st February

(Face now covered to protect myself at work)

I am clearly not a fashion guru, but I do recognise mistakes.

His jacket sleeves were rolled up as were his shirt sleeves. He wore his shirt collar over his jacket lapel. The jacket was too short and didn't match his trousers. The shoes were a bit odd.

I believe that this one is worth a fine of $1.99

  Wednesday 6th February

A standard bad hair fine of $1.25 plus an additional $1.07 for the colour choices

  Wednesday 6th February

Having dinner with friends and this troll was shouting out the cafe window to her mate.

She was pissed. She was annoying.

So she should shut the hell up and pay a fine of $3.41

  Tuesday 12th February


I mean .... really?

I know it was at an art show opening, but is that really necessary?

I'm afraid that will cost you $1.63 and an offical warning.

  Friday 22nd February

At the Etta James story (At Last) starring Vika Bull.

It's a show mate - not a gig.

For regularly talking to your girlfriend rather than shutting the hell up, I fine you $2.14 plus a wish for your arse to explode.

  Wednesday 27th February

(Face covered to protect myself at work)

As previously mentioned, just because a phone can have keypad sounds, if you are over six years old, then it is not acceptable to use them.

At work, this chap hasn't learned that lesson and therefore receives the standard keypad fine of $6.15

  Wednesday 27th February

A standard bad hair fine of $1.25.

A click of the photo will reveal that she is lucky not to receive an additional fine.

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