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  Wednesday 2nd January

If I want to test my brakes, then I'll test my brakes.

I don't need the passenger of this car to open their door as I'm riding next to them to discover that they work ok.

That's a $14.52 fine, you arse.

  Thursday 3rd January

I really don't mind tattoos, but when planning on decorating yourself for life, why aim to look like a knob?

And why on the face?

And why not think of your own design and have a theme?

I fine you $3.77 for a lack of originality and a wasted opportunity.

  Monday 7th January

It may be possible to look cool when smoking a pipe, but for this man's attempt falling so short of that, I fine him $1.79

  Thursday 10th January


Sitting in the garden of a cafe having brunch with a friend and this woman walked next to the fence (on the other side from us), squatted down and had a piss.


And the result is a $21.77 fine - maybe a lenient amount.

  Thursday 10th January

Sitting next to me in a cafe, she said to her friend:
"Can you keep a secret? Well ... it's not a secret, I just don't want anyone else to know."

Um ... so that's a secret then.

$2.38 fine dumb arse.

  Thursday 10th January

Hat or hair?

A standard $1.25 hair fine.

  Thursday 10th January

Another clear $1.25

  Wednesday 16th January

Any questions? Sheesh - a $1.19 fine for the confusion

  Monday 21st January

(Face now covered to protect myself at work)

If I wanted to be annoyed by you, then I would have said, "Please whistle in the office".

But I didn't, so stop whistling, you arse.

A $2.27 fine as it is a first time offense, but you've been warned.

  Wednesday 23rd January

(Face now covered to protect myself at work)

For standing in the office and loudly having an argument with somebody over the phone, we now know that you are an angry and impatient man.

Thanks for sharing - you loser - now pay the $4.15 fine.

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