That was 2016



I am happy that I live in such a wonderful city and get to enjoy so many of the great things it offers on a daily basis.

And I do appreciate and acknowledge that I have it easier than a lot of people.

I am grateful that I have a the energy to go out and embrace a lot of what is on offer.

2016 - you have given and you have taken.

Upon reviewing my diary, it has been a very enjoyable year - lots to keep me happy.




Af, Alex and Wayne, Alison, Anastasia, Atdley, Barbara, Bec, Bernie, Carmen, Carol, Cathy, Charlotte, Christine, Clive and Inga, Craig and Karen, Daniel and Aimee and Eden, Danielle, David and Judy, Deanne, Deb 1, Deb 2, Di, Dilini, Dina, Doug, Edwina, Emma, Felicia, Fi, Francine, Freya, Georgie and Kyle, Georgie and Tommy, Georgina, Heather, Helen, Indi, Jack, Jackie 1, Jackie 2, Jacqui, Jane, Janine, Jen, Jenny 1, Jenny 2, Jill, Jo 1, Jo 2, Jodi, John, Jules and Riley and Maddie, Julian, Julie 1, Julie 2, Kam, Karin, Kat, Kate 1, Kate 2, Kate and Chris, Katherine, Kerrie, Kerry, Kristy, Lara, Laura 1, Laura 2, Lauren 1, Lauren 2, Leanne, Linda, Lisa, Liz, Loraine, Loretta, Louise and Jon, Lynda, Mara, Marque, Mary, Matt and Sarah, Matt, Meaghan, Megan, Merredith, Michelle 1, Michelle 2, Mike and Allison, Monnie, Murat, Nadine, Nat, Nicola, Nicole, Nikki, Pat, Paul, Penny, Rachel 1, Rachel 2, Raj, Rebecca, Rob, Rock and Tanya, Rohan, Rosie, Ruth, Sam, Sarah, Seema, Sharon 1, Sharon 2, Sonam, Steph, Steve, Susan and Russell, Tammy, Theo, Tim, Toni, Tonia, Trudi, Yvette and Zoe.

Each and every person adds to me and my world. The times spent have been interesting. Some of the interactions have been brief, but all have been meaningful. The more people I meet, the better I know myself.




International music acts
Berlin, Culture Club, CW Stoneking, Eleanor McEvoy, Gregory Porter, Jake Bugg, Katrina Leskanich, Kinky Friedman, Martika, Mary Black, The Mick Fleetwood Band, The Monkees, The Pink Floyd Experience, Pink Martini, Prince, The Proclaimers, Rodriguez, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, Soweto Gospel Choir, Stacey Q, The Tedeschi Trucks Band, The Waifs and 2Cellos.

Local music acts
Aine Tyrell, Andy White, Angie Hart, Belmar, Billy Miller, Bluesbreakers, Carus Thompson, Casey Bennetto, Charles Jenkins, Chris Wilson, Colin Hay, Dan Sultan, David Bridie, Deborah Conway, Dreamboogie, Eurogliders, Exile, Gallie, Geoff Achison, Joe Crighton, Jordie Lane, Lisa Miller, Liz Stringer, Melbourne Singers of Gospel, Nick Barker, Paul Kelly, Pearly Shells, Pseudo Echo, Rebecca Barnard, Rob Snarski, Roesy, Stewart D’Arrietta, Tex Perkins, Tim Rogers, Vika and Linda and 1927.

Classical shows
Last Night of the Proms, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and The Pearl Fishers.

The Nutcracker and Swan Lake (though both were good, I don't think I'll be heading back to the ballet).




Plays / Stage Shows
A Case of You (at The Butterfly Club), Bangarra Dance Company (at The Art’s Centre), Chekov Incubator (at Q44), Dangerous Liaisons (at Theatre Works), First Date (at Chapel Off Chapel), Godspell Reimagined (at The Fairfax Theatre), Jack Charles v The Crown (at The Fairfax Theatre), Kinky Boots (at Her Majesty’s Theatre), Macbeth (at WIT), Mill on the Floss (at Theatre Works), Old Maud (at The Improve Centre), Onstage Dating (at Fringe Central), Shadowland (at The Art’s Centre), The Dark Chorus (at The Meat Market), We Will Rock You (at The Regent Theatre) and You Got Older (at Red Stitch).

Absolutely Fabulous, The Beatles: Eight Days A Week, The Boss (a work gathering), David Brent, Downriver (I was an extra in this - well, after the cut, just my shirt in the background) and My Scientology Movie (Louis Theroux's movie).

Anne Edmunds, Bridget Everett, Comedy debate, Dawn French, The Great Debate, Jim Jeffries, Michael Winslow, Rich Hall, Sarah Millican and Tim Vine.

AC Grayling, Alexie Sayle, Brian Cox, Caroline Wilson, Louis Theroux, Stan Grant and William Boyd.

Heart of St Kilda (fundraiser for Sacred Heart Mission), Melbourne Festival opening (indigenous event), Philosophy Brunch (School of Life), RocKwiz Christmas Show, St Kilda City Netball/Football fundraiser, Understanding Mindfulness (School of life), Urban Wisdom (School of life), Whose Line Is It Anyway and Women of Letters.

Art shows
Attended 3 shows - each for a different friend; Freya, Inez and Steph.

Altona ghost tour, Brighton Cemetery walk tour, Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights dance, sea plane flight around Melbourne, Restaurant Tram (3 times), Hawthorn AFL (7 games), Werribee Zoo, Pub Quiz (3 times), Speed Dating (I really did it) and a trip to Canberra for Kate and Chris's wedding party.




Two this year ....

I had a 2 night stay in China to hug a panda - well worth the time and expense. I worked at a panda sanctuary, I visited a panda breeding centre and I looked around the city of Chengdu.

I went to the UK for my mum's birthday, so spent time with her and a few family members in Bournemouth. I headed to Devon to catch up with Rock and Tanya, to Windsor to catch up with Jodi and to Glasgow to catch up with Clive and Paul and also Craig and Karen. I also threw in a couple of days in Amsterdam on my way home – because I could.




Hawthorn fell short of winning the AFL premiership this year, but then again, they had won the previous three years.

But .... Leicester City - my childhood and current team - the team that has teased me and given me more downs than ups did the unthinkable. They only bloody won the Premiership. My little Leicester being Champions - it really doesn't matter what else happens to them anymore - they gave me the best feeling I have ever had in sport.




I am contracting at a good company and have met some lovely people there. I don't want to say anymore as I want to keep this positive.




I have started a journal but was struggling as to what to put in it as I couldn't picture who the audience was. I know that it wasn't me and there isn't anyone I felt that I would tell stuff too. But a mate suggested writing to an 80 year old version of me - that works. This old me does bother me though as he knows all about me and he knows what my future holds. He also knows what is really important and what is not - but I don't, as it requires hindsight to evaluate. Oh well, he can mock my ignorance, but at least I'm not sitting in a room wetting myself and forgetting where I live.



I read a little bit - the only one that stands out is The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Claire North - interesting ideas this girl has. I loved her previous book The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August too




I have done some personal projects this year but only one public one - it is nearly finished - it is called My Words. I have written something that is 116 words long. People are choosing from the words randomly and I am publishing a photo of each person with their chosen word. Once all the words have been selected, I will arrange them into order to spell out the short piece.

I haven't decided what project will come next.



I've been pretty healthy this year but unfortunately, I find myself larger than I have ever been before - something related to me eating like a pig, I suspect. I had a medical (just to check) and my cholesterol is a smidge high but all else is good - phew. I saw a physio for a slight bad issue and I have continued with my weekly Pilates sessions. I have also treated myself to Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi and Thai massages as well as trying Reiki. I had planned on doing more exercise and eating less, but neither objective was achieved - I need some self control




Death of others is something we will all experience and our own will happen at some stage, but with each death encountered, life becomes more valued and precious.

There have been deaths in my family - sad but inevitable.

And there have been many celebrity deaths including Alan Rickman, Caroline Aherne, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, George Martin, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Rick Parfitt, Ronnie Corbett, Terry Wogan and Victoria Wood. There were many others taken, but not people that have been particularly part of my world.

Some shocks in there, but the celebrity death that upset me the most was Leonard Cohen - I was and remain a huge fan.




Though I have attended many events this year, my pleasure comes mostly from my friends. I still like to spend my time catching up over a meal, one on one with people whose company I enjoy. I like the variation of conversation, the surprises, the laughs, the shared understanding, the trust and the desire. Without friends, there isn’t much else

I am pleased to have got rid of my 1500 CDs and 240 DVDs as well as all but 3 books (still to be read). I am happier having less possessions - it feels right. I will get rid of more things over the next year.


So good bye to another interesting year - and hello 2017 – it’s nice to meet you