Each week during 2019, I asked a different friend the same 6 questions. And here are the results:



What is the latest news story that has interested you?

(06/01/19 - Andy) Donald Trump and his wall
(13/01/19 - Rosa) Saudi teen applying for asylum in Australia
(20/01/19 - Francine) The passing of Chris Wilson
(27/01/19 - Emma) Melbourne's heat wave
(03/02/19 - Jo F) Julia Banks challenging Greg Hunt's seat
(10/02/19 - Monnie) NAB sacking their CEO
(17/02/19 - Dianne) Release of footballer Hakeem al-Araibi from Thailand
(24/02/19 - Charlotte) Pawel Adamowicz, Polish mayor, dies after being stabbed
(03/03/19 - Sue) Jihadi bride Shamima Begum wanting to return home from Syrian refugee camp
(10/03/19 - Nadine) George Pell being found guilty of child molestation
(17/03/19 - Alex) Horrific shootings in Christchurch
(24/03/19 - Jo L) Michael Jackson doco showing the grooming tactics used to get time with boys
(31/03/19 - Zoe R) German family who discovered family were serious Nazis and have donated money to charity to ease their guilt
(07/04/19 - Liz) A story about fasting methods and trends
(14/04/19 - Marque) Story of the outback eerie ghost towns
(21/04/19 - Jackie) Borce Ristevski sentenced to only 6 years for murdering his wife
(28/04/19 - Georgina) Celebrities announcing their children's gender or sexual preferences
(05/05/19 - Sharon) Still the Christchurch massacres - still hard to believe
(12/04/19 - Carol) A scientist who can control a flying machine by thought i.e. using brain signals to direct it
(19/04/19 - Frank) Two chaps stranded in their window-washing cradle high above the streets due to an accident in the wind
(26/04/19 - Nicole) Disappointment of the election result
(02/06/19 - Joanne) Reading about the factors that led to the Labour election loss
(09/06/19 - Jacqui) Story about the Qantas 2008 flight QF72 that needed an emergency landing after a couple of inflight accidents
(16/06/19 - Af) I don’t watch or read the news, so no idea what's going on
(23/06/19 - Karin) Victorian ALP chap who left the Andrews Administration and took a job at Australia Post
(30/06/19 - Vonne) The Christian lobby supporting Israel Falou's funding attempt
(07/07/19 - Zoe G) Ken Wyatt's call for the constitution to change re 'Walk with me' recognition of true history of Australia to include indigenous stories.
(14/07/19 - Prue) The ridiculous Israel Falou fundraising attempts
(21-07/19 - Tonia) Wimbledon - great win from Novak Djokovic
(28/07/19 - Connie) About a blokes dog that ended up mauling the owners dad to death
(04/08/19 - Trudi) The murder of a young Australian and his girlfriend in Canada
(11/08/19 - Steph) Political unrest in Hong Kong v China
(18/08/19 - Cathy) The terrible Alan Jones saying that Scott Morrison should shove a sock down Jacinda Adern’s throat
(25/08/19 - Deanne) Elon Musk supporting Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang
(01/09/19 - Ann) Black model in fashion week - magazine published photos of the wrong person!
(08/09/19 - Peter) Boris Johnson's political pantomime
(15/09/19 - Michael) Danny Frawley's death - depression can lead to drastic actions
(22/09/19 - Zabin) Drone attacks on fuel tanks in Saudi Arabia
(29/09/19 - Jackie) Greta Thunberg - the reaction to her by the media and politicians
(06/10/19 - Libby) Trumps possible impeachment
(13/10/19 - Millie) Hurricane weather in Japan
(20/10/19 - Loretta) Dan Butler moving from Richmond to St Kilda - AFL news!
(27/10/19 - Danielle) The Media companies uniting to highlight and protest the supression of stories that should be in the public domain
(03/11/19 - Heather) A conspiracy theory that Donald Trump only run for office so Ivanka can take the next 2 terms and he can be the puppet master!
(10/11/19 - Mara) The rat problem they are having at Southlands Shopping Centre
(17/11/19 - Rickie) Trumps overdue impeachment proceedings - make it happen!
(24/11/19 - Jack) Sacha Baron Cohen speech on freedom of speech and responsiblilty for what is out there
(01/12/19 - Loraine) Prince Andrew stepping down and all that stuff around that
(08/12/19 - Steve) Trumps impeachment - let's hope it happens.
(15/12/19 - Vicky) The disgraceful decision by the Government to not send more firefighters in to stem the bush fires
(22/12/19 - Ruth) Trumps impeachment - gobsmacking theatre - but good to see
(31/12/19 - Jodi) Family holidaying in Spain - 3 members died after getting into difficulty swimming

What has been the highlight of your last 7 days?

(06/01/19 - Andy) Visiting Melbourne
(13/01/19 - Rosa) Dinner at the Mount Erica Hotel - food, service and company were excellent
(20/01/19 - Francine) A short holiday in Tasmania
(27/01/19 - Emma) Seeing Mumford & Sons at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl
(03/02/19 - Jo F) Dinner around the table at the Princess Palace (last house) for the last time
(10/02/19 - Monnie) Successful return to work after maternity leave
(17/02/19 - Dianne) Seeing The Cartridge Family gig on Saturday night
(24/02/19 - Charlotte) Weekend day of beach, walk, dog, coffee and reading
(03/03/19 - Sue) Nothing comes to mind - just routine at the moment - getting through stuff
(10/03/19 - Nadine) Lunch with some old friends from Uni
(17/03/19 - Alex) Seeing George Pell being found guilty
(24/03/19 - Jo L) Finished sanding and painting the deck
(31/03/19 - Zoe R) An exhibition of the works of photographer John Hollingsworth at Heidi
(07/04/19 - Liz) When flying over to New Zealand, I got upgraded to Business Class
(14/04/19 - Marque) Catching up with awesome friends
(21/04/19 - Jackie) Home made food, drink and chat with friends who are more like family
(28/04/19 - Georgina) Going to see Colin Hay in concert - and the fact it was a lovely surprise
(05/05/19 - Sharon) Weekend away with good friends at The Honeysuckles
(12/04/19 - Carol) Finishing writing a story to enter into a competition
(19/04/19 - Frank) Going to see band Black Cab at the Corner Hotel
(26/04/19 - Nicole) Enjoyed a nice day off with my partner
(02/06/19 - Joanne) Going to see the David Bowie play Lazarus - even though it didn't make any sense
(09/06/19 - Jacqui) Working hard and well and getting a lot of praise for what I delivered
(16/06/19 - Af) The Werribee Zoo zoorassic experience
(23/06/19 - Karin) Joined a Cairn Terriers of Scotland website - it is a happy place
(30/06/19 - Vonne) Catching up with my man a couple of days ago
(07/07/19 - Zoe G) Remedial massage on Monday night
(14/07/19 - Prue) A lovely lunch with my brother
(21-07/19 - Tonia) Going on a first date
(28/07/19 - Connie) Catching up with a girlfriend to discuss our imminent 6 week trip to Spain
(04/08/19 - Trudi) Seeing Vanessa Amorosi
(11/08/19 - Steph) Sent work to London for National Original Print Exhibition
(18/08/19 - Cathy) Sharing an impulsive meal with my friends on Wednesday night
(25/08/19 - Deanne) Dinner with friends
(01/09/19 - Ann) Attending Collingwood's victory over Essendon
(08/09/19 - Peter) Attending Jack Charle's 76th birthday party and book launch
(15/09/19 - Michael) Attending a punk gig in Thornbury
(22/09/19 - Zabin) Visited Bendigo and discovered some treats like the Cathedral
(29/09/19 - Jackie) Seeing 'Come From Away' - superb show
(06/10/19 - Libby) Celebrating my husbands birthday
(13/10/19 - Millie) Catch up with old friend to hear news of her adventures overseas
(20/10/19 - Loretta) Catching up with one of my sisters who I don't see so often
(27/10/19 - Danielle) Cheese and wine with great friends
(03/11/19 - Heather) Playing hockey with 2 women I respect and admire but hardly ever see anymore as they live in the country
(10/11/19 - Mara) Visited a (poorly) friend who I hadn’t seen in quite a while
(17/11/19 - Rickie) Seeing the Waifs again - it was a great gig at a great venue
(24/11/19 - Jack) Sold a peice of my art work
(01/12/19 - Loraine) Walking to the Sussex Squire winery and discovering great wine
(08/12/19 - Steve) The happy smiling face that greets me each morning when I get my pre-work coffee
(15/12/19 - Vicky) Snorkeling in Bali and seeing all the beautiful tropical fish and turtles
(22/12/19 - Ruth) Paul Kelly's Making Gravy Christmas concert
(31/12/19 - Jodi) Finishing work for 2 weeks off

What are you most looking forward to over the next 7 days?

(06/01/19 - Andy) Going to the Max Escher exhibition
(13/01/19 - Rosa) Quality time with my family and friends given that work has thrown my personal life out of balance!
(20/01/19 - Francine) Having a restful weekend prior to returning to work
(27/01/19 - Emma) Having restful times on the couch at the weekend
(03/02/19 - Jo F) Whatever happens, it's going to great
(10/02/19 - Monnie) Child Care orientation
(17/02/19 - Dianne) Catching up with friends to discuss looming holiday
(24/02/19 - Charlotte) Having a lie-in at the weekend
(03/03/19 - Sue) As per previous answer
(10/03/19 - Nadine) Sleeping in my own bed - having just spent 10 days house sitting
(17/03/19 - Alex) Having next Friday off work and spending it with my nephew
(24/03/19 - Jo L) Start of the footy season
(31/03/19 - Zoe R) Getting mroe interesting work as a result of the secondment I'm on at work
(07/04/19 - Liz) At the weekend, I have a night booked with friends for food, drink, and comedy
(14/04/19 - Marque) Finishing my current job on Thursday
(21/04/19 - Jackie) Seeing mum later today for home-made Irish Brick Cake
(28/04/19 - Georgina) Catching up with my new boyfriend in a couple of days time
(05/05/19 - Sharon) Attending the book launch of Gabrielle Dolan
(12/04/19 - Carol) Catching up with friends for dinner
(19/04/19 - Frank) Going to the footy (Tigers v Hawks) on Sunday
(26/04/19 - Nicole) Catching up with friends for golf at the weekend
(02/06/19 - Joanne) Sitting and relaxing by the fire at the weekend
(09/06/19 - Jacqui) Catching up with dad at the weekend
(16/06/19 - Af) Peninsula hot springs pamper experience
(23/06/19 - Karin) Looking forward to visiting my friend at his home as he is coming out of hospital
(30/06/19 - Vonne) Visiting Uluru for the first time
(07/07/19 - Zoe G) Jetting off up north next week for family holiday in the warmth
(14/07/19 - Prue) Seeing my sister and niece at the weekend
(21-07/19 - Tonia) My birthday and all it will contain
(28/07/19 - Connie) My son coming home from his holidays
(04/08/19 - Trudi) Seeing my nephew and his partner on the weekend.
(11/08/19 - Steph) Catching up with new friend Allison
(18/08/19 - Cathy) My new bathers arriving via online shopping for my week in Port Douglas in three weeks time
(25/08/19 - Deanne) Dinner with friends
(01/09/19 - Ann) Catching up with my parents and giving dad a present
(08/09/19 - Peter) Having a quieter week to relax and catch up on things
(15/09/19 - Michael) Going to a big comedy gig
(22/09/19 - Zabin) My nieces 21st birthday celebration
(29/09/19 - Jackie) Seeing my old mate Jan who is returning from her 5 month holiday
(06/10/19 - Libby) Dinner with a friend
(13/10/19 - Minnie) Dinner with some old friends - always delightful to see them
(20/10/19 - Loretta) Catching up with a very good friend from Tasmania
(27/10/19 - Danielle) Catching up with a friend for their boozy birthday brunch
(03/11/19 - Heather) The long weekend where I will finally get out and do some trail walks and enjoy the outdoors
(10/11/19 - Mara) My daughter Nicole performing in a concert (playing flute and sax)
(17/11/19 - Rickie) Catching up with an old mate for Dinner
(24/11/19 - Jack) Receiving payment for my art - handy to get some cash to treat myself
(01/12/19 - Loraine) Cleaning and tidying the house and getting some order back
(08/12/19 - Steve) Going off call on Wednesday - it's been a quiet week, but it is good when it isn't me
(15/12/19 - Vicky) Catching up with loved ones in Australia and then New Zealand
(22/12/19 - Ruth) Seeing my dads face when he sees his Christmas present
(31/12/19 - Jodi) Spending New Year in Cornwall

What recent event/action/show/person has inspired you?

(06/01/19 - Andy) Amanda (long term friend) guided her friend towards ADHD diagnosis
(13/01/19 - Rosa) The Bohemian Rhapsody/Freddy Mercury movie
(20/01/19 - Francine) The wonderful people and attitudes experienced in Tasmania - welcoming, helpful and warm
(27/01/19 - Emma) Seeing Mumford & Sons
(03/02/19 - Jo F) The two board members of TransVictoria who received AM's on Australia Day
(10/02/19 - Monnie) Tonia - for hearing about trials of parenthood and how it all works out
(17/02/19 - Dianne) Watching The Green Book movie
(24/02/19 - Charlotte) Watching the 'On The Basis of Sex' movie
(03/03/19 - Sue) Watching TV program 'Great British Sewing Bee'. It makes me want to sew and craft like I did years ago
(10/03/19 - Nadine) Listening to Michael Mosley has inspired me to think about my health
(17/03/19 - Alex) Watching The Green Book movie
(24/03/19 - Jo L) Watching a chap on instagram help diabled dogs
(31/03/19 - Zoe R) Jacinta Arden has been inspiring in her response to the massacre in Christchurch
(07/04/19 - Liz) Behrouz Boochani, imprisoned on Manus Island and has written a book one text at a time
(14/04/19 - Marque) How my dad has handled himself with his ongoing fight against illness
(21/04/19 - Jackie) Virginia Trioli's resistance to bullying behaviour from guests on Q&A
(28/04/19 - Georgina) Alain de Botton's "Consolations of Philosophy" has inspired me to use reason and to see the world around me in a new light
(05/05/19 - Sharon) The leadership and compassion shown by New Zealand Prime Misnister Jacinda Ardern
(12/04/19 - Carol) Young people’s political stance on the environment
(19/04/19 - Frank) Somebody I know is quitting drinking and it is a big and admirable commitment
(26/04/19 - Nicole) A friend who writes chores on post-it notes and throws them away as they are completed
(02/06/19 - Joanne) A friend who embraces what Melbourne has to offer and balances that with work
(09/06/19 - Jacqui) Watching Kodi Lee (blind autistic singer) on America's Got Talent
(16/06/19 - Af) Someone having 3 children!
(23/06/19 - Karin) Met a woman who had survived Meningococcal disease and heard her story
(30/06/19 - Vonne) Talking with a Dance teacher and hearing her talk about her optimism in life
(07/07/19 - Zoe G) My mum. Going down on her birthday with a migraine. The rest of the family having a silent celebration and cake to satisfy my young daughter. Missing mum and recognising how much she means to me and how much I love her
(14/07/19 - Prue) Reading Courtney Carver's book called Soulful Simplicity
(21-07/19 - Tonia) Listening to Brian Cox talk at an event recently
(28/07/19 - Connie) Attended a breast cancer fund raising lunch - I was inspired by generosity of all
(04/08/19 - Trudi) A friend who was recently published for the first time after following her dream
(11/08/19 - Steph) Spending time with John Wolseley at Australian Gallery
(18/08/19 - Cathy) The lovely lady I do pilates class with, she is so smart and inspiring she has me thinking about going back to study
(25/08/19 - Deanne) Reading about Kintsukuroi - the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with powdered gold. Made me think about life and how we can repair ourselves and make us better and allow us to grow
(01/09/19 - Ann) Rewatching the movie Cosi - if you treat people well there can be rewards for both
(08/09/19 - Peter) Watching and listening to Jack Charles, Archie Roach and Kutcha Edwards sharing tales and memories
(15/09/19 - Michael) Thoughts about wanting to write and how best to allow that to happen
(22/09/19 - Zabin) Listening to the editor of Vogue India talking about sustainability in fashion
(29/09/19 - Jackie) A MTC play called Golden Shield - made me think about consequences and taking responsibility for your actions
(06/10/19 - Libby) Nothing comes to mind
(13/10/19 - Millie) Hearing a talker discuss how she maintains her work/ife balance and it made me re-evaluate my choices
(20/10/19 - Loretta) Listening to an indigenous podcast made me want to learn more about the indigenous world
(27/10/19 - Danielle) J lo for how the years haven’t faded her and she just keeps on doing what she does
(03/11/19 - Heather) Listening to Jason Momoa being vocal on reducing plastic (especially by reducing water bottles) so I have changed my behaviour accordingly
(10/11/19 - Mara) Watching some tv dramas have inspired me to go back and study and learn more about the human mind
(17/11/19 - Rickie) Reading a well-written and insightful autobiography made me think about my life
(24/11/19 - Jack) Watching the Extinction Rebellion build momentum across the world
(01/12/19 - Loraine) Recent trip to South Australia provided me inspiration to do things
(08/12/19 - Steve) Nothing comes to mind
(15/12/19 - Vicky) Seeing my old mate Mikey in Bali and how he lives and has made me consider a more ecological way of living
(22/12/19 - Ruth) Archibald Prize exhibition inspired me to seek out more creative things to do
(31/12/19 - Jodi) Nothing comes to mind

What is the last thing that you have done for the first time?

(06/01/19 - Andy) Set up a fish tank
(13/01/19 - Rosa) Shared experience of having a facial with my daughter
(20/01/19 - Francine) Programmed a new oven
(27/01/19 - Emma) Seeing Mumford & Sons
(03/02/19 - Jo F) Writing a response for a matter in a new jurisdiction
(10/02/19 - Monnie) Leaving my daughter to go back to work
(17/02/19 - Dianne) Giving my number to a stranger and agreeing to meet him
(24/02/19 - Charlotte) Booked a premium-economy seat for my upcoming holiday to the UK
(03/03/19 - Sue) Indoor rock climbing with my neighbour and oldest son
(10/03/19 - Nadine) Rock climbing
(17/03/19 - Alex) Went to the top floor of Australia on Collins - because I could
(24/03/19 - Jo L) Not only found a new Client, but also assigned them the resource that they needed
(31/03/19 - Zoe R) I trained to do some running
(07/04/19 - Liz) Cycled to work
(14/04/19 - Marque) Commenced a tree-change life choice
(21/04/19 - Jackie) Breakfast here at Rustica
(28/04/19 - Georgina) Snorkelling under the Rye Pier
(05/05/19 - Sharon) A long walk the Tongariro Alpine Crossing - New Zealand's oldest national park
(12/04/19 - Carol) Entered a picture into an art competition
(19/04/19 - Frank) Eating Balti Lamb at Base Camp Indian restaurant
(26/04/19 - Nicole) Drinking this new beer - Chloe’s Indian Summer Ale
(02/06/19 - Joanne) Climbing up 250 steps to view a temple in Kuala Lumpur
(09/06/19 - Jacqui) Went on a huge zip-line experience in Las Vegas
(16/06/19 - Af) Enrolling Oliver into school for the first time
(23/06/19 - Karin) Went on a holiday to Western Australia
(30/06/19 - Vonne) Calling a student a bad name in front of others - ooops
(07/07/19 - Zoe G) Combined licorice teabags with ginger teabags. Not bad really
(14/07/19 - Prue) Used a new cooking ingredient - nutritional yeast
(21-07/19 - Tonia) Went to an NRL game - it happened to be Cameron Smith's 400th
(28/07/19 - Connie) Walking 25km in one stint
(04/08/19 - Trudi) Had a mini detail done on my car - not very exciting I know
(11/08/19 - Steph) Met with a psychiatrist
(18/08/19 - Cathy) Rang a talk-back show quiz question on radio and spoke on air. I didn’t get it right though!
(25/08/19 - Deanne) Visited the Grampians
(01/09/19 - Ann) Changing banks for the first time
(08/09/19 - Peter) Saw Fleetwood Mac
(15/09/19 - Michael) Attended my first ever punk gig
(22/09/19 - Zabin) Went to see the Australian Chamber Orchestra
(29/09/19 - Jackie) A digital photography course
(06/10/19 - Libby) Experienced a great Argentinian restaurant
(13/10/19 - Millie) Went to the experience called The Rain Room where you walk in the rain and don't get wet
(20/10/19 - Loretta) Drinking a passion margarita
(27/10/19 - Danielle) Ran a webinar
(03/11/19 - Heather) Some online purchases of some items not usually in my realm
(10/11/19 - Mara) Got a dog
(17/11/19 - Rickie) Tweeted
(24/11/19 - Jack) Putting my art work into an exhibition
(01/12/19 - Loraine) Raked through the sand in search of blue swimmer crabs
(08/12/19 - Steve) Lunch with 3 transgender boys I bumped into whilst on holiday
(15/12/19 - Vicky) Feeding penguins at Taronga Zoo
(22/12/19 - Ruth) Indoor rock climbing
(31/12/19 - Jodi) Spent Christmas with my husband's family

Are you happier today than you were this day last year?

(06/01/19 - Andy) Yes
(13/01/19 - Rosa) No - this time last year I was still on holidays with my family. This year I am head deep and drowning in my work
(20/01/19 - Francine) Yes - healthier, fitter and just had a good holiday
(27/01/19 - Emma) I can't remember thsi time last year, so I can't compare
(03/02/19 - Jo F) Yes
(10/02/19 - Monnie) Yes - last year I was waiting to have a child and now I have her
(17/02/19 - Dianne) Yes - absolutely
(24/02/19 - Charlotte) Yes
(03/03/19 - Sue) No
(10/03/19 - Nadine) No
(17/03/19 - Alex) Yes
(24/03/19 - Jo L) Yes
(31/03/19 - Zoe R) Yes
(07/04/19 - Liz) Yes
(14/04/19 - Marque) Yes - much happier
(21/04/19 - Jackie) Yes
(28/04/19 - Georgina) Yes - definitely
(05/05/19 - Sharon) Yes
(12/04/19 - Carol) Possibly
(19/04/19 - Frank) Yes, definitely
(26/04/19 - Nicole) No
(02/06/19 - Joanne) Yes
(09/06/19 - Jacqui) About the same
(16/06/19 - Af) No! We were in Hawaii relaxing this time last year
(23/06/19 - Karin) Yes
(30/06/19 - Vonne) Probably
(07/07/19 - Zoe G) Yes
(14/07/19 - Prue) Yes - this time last year I was leaving a shit work environment
(21-07/19 - Tonia) Yes
(28/07/19 - Connie) Yes
(04/08/19 - Trudi) Yes
(11/08/19 - Steph) No
(18/08/19 - Cathy) No. This time last year I was under a week away from going overseas
(25/08/19 - Deanne) Yes
(01/09/19 - Ann) Probably
(08/09/19 - Peter) The same
(15/09/19 - Michael) No
(22/09/19 - Zabin) No
(29/09/19 - Jackie) Yes
(06/10/19 - Libby) No
(13/10/19 - Millie) only in some ways
(20/10/19 - Loretta) No
(27/10/19 - Danielle) No
(03/11/19 - Heather) I don't know, but am I happy right now? Sure am
(10/11/19 - Mara) Not sure
(17/11/19 - Rickie) Yes
(24/11/19 - Jack) Yes
(01/12/19 - Loraine) About the same
(08/12/19 - Steve) Yes
(15/12/19 - Vicky) Yes
(22/12/19 - Ruth) No
(31/12/19 - Jodi) Yes